We welcome children of every ability to join our toy library. Please note that while we specifically cater for the 0-6 age group, older children are more than welcome.

Membership Fees
Standard Family Membership
$60 per year
Borrow up to 4 toys per child
Concession Family Membership
$40 per year (valid concession required)
Borrow up to 4 toys per child
Family Daycare/ Groups Membership
$130 per year (subject to committee approval as this membership type is limited)
Borrow up to 10 toys

All members required to complete approximately 2 hours of duty per term.

All toys to be thoroughly cleaned prior to return.

Additional Charges
Missing/damaged pieces incur a charge of $5 per piece, refunded upon their return. Larger losses/damage dealt with individually.
Non duty attendance– $40 missed duty
Failure to return toys or major damage– Full replacement cost of each item, minus wear and tear.
Overdue toys- $5 per fortnight, irrespective of the number of toys on loan